• Year 9 data has been added!! 0.3.0

Additions and new features

  • Added a master list of participants and visit dates (#92, #19)
  • Changed VN == 1 to VN == 0
  • Removed visit_dates() in place of visit_info()


  • Many fixes to SID and VN, so sample size may increase (#96, #19)
  • Added specific tags to the PROMISE companion packages in the DESCRIPTION Imports
  • Updated the installation instructions (the previous code didn’t work) 0.2.3

  • Changed package name to be (there was a package called PROMISE in Bioconductor)

Additions and new features

  • Simplifed documentation (also, resolved #62, #58, #50, )
  • Added an audit check on the data, with vignette (#27)
  • Simplified README (#70), especially the installation instructions (#51, #54)
  • Added methods vignette
  • Added infrastructure to create a website and created it
  • Kept several columns from being dropped (via renaming yaml files)
  • Saved all individual datasets as Rda files to be accessible via
  • Created a vignette of these datasets
  • Shortened down the main dataset to (what I believe) are some of the core data
  • Created an export function to save a file as csv to import into other programs
  • Included the combine_datasets function from PROMISE.scrub to merge any of the datasets together (related #80)


  • Updated data dictionary (#56, #53)
  • Minor bug fixes and clean up of functions (#)
  • Started assigning discrete values to numerical values (#59)


Hotfix and patches

  • Added MET (Issue #17) and the drug information (Issue #20) to the data dictionary.
  • Calculated the Microalbumin Creatinine Ratio, rather than the inputted values (Issue #48)
  • Fixed missing Age numbers (Issue #49).



  • Certain variables were not included in the final data set (see Issue #46). Fixed.


  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Moved most of scrubbing/cleaning functions into their own package (PROMISE.scrub). This allows testing on this package to be more streamlined, while simplifying the testing of the scrub functions.
  • Moved most dictionary/methods functions into their own package (PROMISE.methods). Same as above, this just streamlines the testing and creating process.
  • Renamed PROMISE_data to just PROMISE.