This dataset should be completely cleaned and passed quality control. It contains the data from the participants in the PROMISE cohort from each clinic examination.

Additional datasets include:

  • meds: Medication use.

  • bia: Bioelectric Impedence Analysis for body and bone composition.

  • bloodwork: Standard bloodwork measures (LDL, HDL, TAG, etc), including UDBP and vitamin D.

  • dhq: Diet History Questionnaire (FFQ).

  • dxa: Dual-energy X-ray Absorptiometry for body and bone composition.

  • fattyacids: Fatty acid measures, including trans-fatty acids.

  • form010: Form 1.0 for screening data and ethnicity.

  • form012: Form 1.2 for medical history and neuropathy measures.

  • form014: Form 1.4 with various sociodemographic, lifestyle, personal, and women questions.

  • form015: Other bloodwork measures not contained in bloodwork such as ALT and Glucose.

  • msd: Proteins (YKL40, IL6, TNFa, Adiponectin) quantified from the Meso Scale Discovery.

  • ogtt: Oral glucose tolerance test with insulin and c-peptide.

  • wbc: White blood cell and other immune cell measures.

  • misc: Contains other datasets:

    • canoe: Participants who were in the RCT CANOE.

    • dm: Those who have diabetes diagnosis.

    • homa2: Calculated HOMA2 via the downloaded Excel Calculator.

    • months: Months from baseline.

    • phys_act: Tidied physical activity data as MET.

    • visits: Date of each clinic visit, visit comments, and reasons for dropping.



An object of class tbl_df (inherits from tbl, data.frame) with 3165 rows and 93 columns.

See also

Please see the data dictionary for a fully detailed explanation of what data is available as well as the datasets vignette on the other available datasets.